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Welcome to TIC Holidays, a leading tour operator headquartered in Bangkok! With unrivalled travel expertise and the best travel services, you will enjoy the perfect vacation by availing our tours. We have won several awards as a top most agent. A well trained professional team and state of the art offices compliment our growth and success.

The Advantage of TIC Tours over its competitors is the efficiency of a dynamic team of professionals and a highly motivated management who co-operate with each other harmoniously and work for the same goal. The travel products are often updated to give clients perfect holidays possible. The package tours described in our website range from easy touring to challenging activities, all focusing in depth on Tourism in Thailand. We invented and carved a platform where you can just enter and get an access to travel Thailand. That's so simple!

On top of everything, we have made sure that you are facilitated with 24 X 7 customer care without leaving any margin of error.

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